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Be Wealthy & Smart

Jun 29, 2018

Learn ways to avoid paying ATM fees to access your own money.

Banks earn $1 billion annually on ATM fees.

I have eliminated ATM fees completely and suggest you do too.

Here are 6 ways to easily avoid paying ATM fees.

Jun 27, 2018

Learn 8 things that rich people believe and how it can help your wealth building.

The article is here: 

Jun 22, 2018

Learn why it's important to have more cash available and what to do with it.

Step 2 of the “6 Steps to Wealth” is Save a Nestegg.

I’m talking about having cash available.

You should become a good saver because:

1. It is a good financial habit. You are less likely to have financial trouble if you are good at...

Jun 20, 2018

Learn if you are pre-disposed to wealth or if it is a matter of habits and choices.

Do you know that wealth is a choice?

Learn the 6 Steps to Wealth and how to go from $0 to wealthy.

It's not about how much you make or how much you don't spend.

For example:

Person A: Makes $40,000 per year. Over their working lifetime...

Jun 18, 2018

Learn what characterizes the late stage of an economic cycle, how it can indicate what's coming in the stock market, and where to invest.

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