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Be Wealthy & Smart

Jun 20, 2018

Learn if you are pre-disposed to wealth or if it is a matter of habits and choices.

Do you know that wealth is a choice?

Learn the 6 Steps to Wealth and how to go from $0 to wealthy.

It's not about how much you make or how much you don't spend.

For example:

Person A: Makes $40,000 per year. Over their working lifetime of 30 years, they will earn $1.2 million.

How much of that money will they keep?

The average savings rate in America is currently 2.8%...

...And 2.8% of a $40,000 annual income is $1120 per year saved; a total of $33,600 saved over 30 years.

Person B: Makes $40,000 per year. Invests $5500 per year (maximum under age 50) in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and averages 10% in the stock market for 30 years.

They retire in 30 years with $1,091,160.

In 30 years, Person A will have $33,600 and Person B will have $1,091,160.

Which one are you?

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