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Be Wealthy & Smart

Jun 22, 2018

Learn why it's important to have more cash available and what to do with it.

Step 2 of the “6 Steps to Wealth” is Save a Nestegg.

I’m talking about having cash available.

You should become a good saver because:

1. It is a good financial habit. You are less likely to have financial trouble if you are good at saving.

2. You have an emergency fund available. Should anything happen that was unexpected, you have cash available to pay for it and won’t have to use credit cards with high interest rates.

3. It gives you options. If you save a lot of money you can choose to invest and grow it such as in an IRA or pay cash for a car or put a healthy downpayment on a home. You need capital to invest.

(Almost 40% of people put less than 10% down on a home purchase. That means you have PMI payments until you reach a 20% down payment).

4. There is an opportunity cost to your money. Warren Buffett has said he doesn’t want a mansion because he realizes how much more his money will grow (compound) to when it is invested instead of sitting in home equity.

5. You can pay cash for travel and take advantage of good deals, such as discounted assets at auction or fire sales of others who are desperate for cash.

If you want to take a cruise or go to Hawaii, save enough money first! You don’t want to pay for a vacation with money you don’t have, then have interest on your credit cards to pay it back. If you make a late payment on a certain credit card for example, your interest rate can be 29%!

Of course, you want to be a long-term saver for retirement, education and larger expenses like a new roof.

Get in the habit of saving FIRST, then spending.

Reverse the habit many have of spending money you don’t have, only to have to pay it back with high interest and be drowning in debt.


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