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Be Wealthy & Smart

Jan 31, 2017

Learn the 3 secrets about financial education that most financial experts don’t tell you.

This show is all about financial education! Specifically, how to make it understandable and interesting, even if you’re usually bored by financial topics!

1. Financial management is very doable on your own. It takes a bit of...

Jan 31, 2017

Learn if the economy can get to 5% GDP growth quickly or not.

Weakest GDP since 2011 - went from 3.5% to 1.9% in one quarter!

Lower earnings reported by Chevon, other energy companies, Google, Colgate-Palmolive and Starbucks.

Even with some disappointing corporate results, fourth-quarter earnings are expected to show...

Jan 28, 2017

Learn key economic signs to follow.

For the election, GDP grew over 3%.

FED raised interest rates, now GDP is 1.9%, markedly lower.

Where do we go from here?

FED wants to raise rates 3 times next year.

Housing prices are in a bubble - inventory is at a 17 year low!

Housing moves in an 18 year cycle.

Trump has policies...

Jan 27, 2017


Learn if it's smart to contribute to a 401k if you're not getting a match.

Should we contribute to our 401k, even though there is no match?

Benefits of a 401k are that:

1. Your income is not taxed when deposited into a 401k

2. Your money grows without tax

3. Some people think it’s a forced discipline to save,...

Jan 27, 2017

Learn what the challenges are for the stock market going forward.

It’s a new record; the Dow made history!

DJIA is only 30 companies, but been around over 100 years.

S & P 65% of all stocks

1966 was the first time above 1,000

11/21/95 above 5,000
3/29/99 above 10,000
5/3/13 above 15,000
1/25/17 above 20,000

Hmmm, is...