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Be Wealthy & Smart

Apr 30, 2016

Learn how to separate the stock from the company, what to look for when you buy a stock and why you don't want to judge a stock by how it's done in the past.
Today we'll talk about what happened to Apple recently, as an example of why not to fall in love with the stock. What I mean is "don't fall in love with a stock...

Apr 27, 2016

Hello and welcome to my 2nd anniversary show! Yes, it was exactly 2 years ago today when I started the Be Wealthy & Smart podcast. Today I’ll share with you the best of the best episodes - that is which ones you’ve liked best and I’ll take the #1 rated show and give you a podcast within a podcast about the most...

Apr 25, 2016

Learn why you want to start saving for retirement the moment you have income and why it should be higher on your priority list than it might be.

Last episode I was talking about spending priorities and I gave you my list of 10 spending priorities. Spending priorities are a way for you to decrease impulse spending and...

Apr 22, 2016

Learn how to prioritize your spending following the 10 essentials and 6 questions to ask yourself. This will keep you growing your net worth and keep you away from impulse spending.

Apr 20, 2016

Learn 3 things John Paul DeJoria and other billionaires commonly do. Their habits, thought processes, attitudes. How they evaluate business opportunities.