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Be Wealthy & Smart

Feb 27, 2019

Learn Warren Buffett's advice how to make your first million dollars.

Of course, his suggestions tailor nicely with the 6 Steps to Wealth. 

What does he think of debt? Savings? Friends? Warren has a lot to say to help you get to your first million dollars.

The article is here.


Feb 25, 2019

Learn what gold mining ETFs have performed well and why gold is a good hedge. We explore what gold stocks and ETFs have performed well and why they may continue to do so.

Gold doesn't necessarily require high inflation for good performance. Uncertainty, government, unrest, crises, volatility, yields, debt and currencies...

Feb 22, 2019

Learn why IPO's are flooding the stock market in 2019 and why it is worrisome.

Many IPO's are scheduled for 2019 such as Uber, Levi's, Pinterest, and others. Will portfolio managers have to sell existing stock in favorites such as Apple, Amazon and Alphabet in order to buy them?

We discuss what to look for in an IPO,...

Feb 20, 2019

Learn about the millionaires and billionaires that are investing in gold and cannabis and what the exciting opportunities are.

In this article, it mentions the Tiger 21 investment club. They are selling real estate and buying gold and cannabis - exactly what I have been recommending!

Perhaps they are following the same...

Feb 18, 2019

Learn which are the best dividend ETFs and what their returns are YTD.

Some dividend ETF's pay more than the S & P 500 and two pay more than 8%.

Many dividend ETF's are even beating the broader market this year.

The chart of dividend ETF's and their performance is here.


In this monthly...