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Be Wealthy & Smart

Jan 28, 2017

Learn key economic signs to follow.

For the election, GDP grew over 3%.

FED raised interest rates, now GDP is 1.9%, markedly lower.

Where do we go from here?

FED wants to raise rates 3 times next year.

Housing prices are in a bubble - inventory is at a 17 year low!

Housing moves in an 18 year cycle.

Trump has policies to grow the economy, jobs, cut regulations and cut excess spending. Will have massive stimulus from infrastructure spending and the wall.

Taxes being massively cut.

The spending + reduced taxes will help GDP but growth must happen, so we need job creation badly.

The FED controls interest rates. If they continue to increase rates, that’s a strong headwind against the economy.

There’s a battle happening here!

We’ll watch and see what happens.