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Jan 27, 2017

Learn what the challenges are for the stock market going forward.

It’s a new record; the Dow made history!

DJIA is only 30 companies, but been around over 100 years.

S & P 65% of all stocks

1966 was the first time above 1,000

11/21/95 above 5,000
3/29/99 above 10,000
5/3/13 above 15,000
1/25/17 above 20,000

Hmmm, is that at 4 year cycle for every 5,000 points? Will Dow 25,000 happen in 2021?

Still the 2nd longest bull market in history. Since 2009.

Expecting a major top this year. Major cycle change in the Fall.

Cycles repeat and guide expectations in the stock markets.

Although the Dow hit 20,000 and we have a new President, whether or not you voted for him, there are certain things he will be forced to deal with on his watch.

I watched the hearings of the Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin.

The questions and statements by Congress were very telling.

Here are some of the things they discussed:

*Underfunded pensions as a widespread problem that possibly needs a bailout

*The $20 trillion deficit and whether to default on debt or not

*The strong dollar, world’s reserve currency

*Currency manipulation

*Mortgage reform

*Massive tax reduction

*Social security, medicare, medicaid

*Obamacare/Affordable Care Act

What wasn’t mentioned - the derivatives take down that may happen if European banks like Monte dei Paschi and Deutsche Bank fail and the ECB fails to bail them out.

There are some massive financial decisions to be made and things to be worked out.

No matter who would be President, these things will come to pass in the next few years. It will be interesting!

President Trump has talked about getting rid of the Federal Reserve. If he can do that, it would be a major victory for the people. The Banksters have been in control for too long.

Control over interest rates has allowed the Fed to create bubbles and pop them. They are projecting raising rates 3 times this year. It has the power to throw us into a recession.

The best solution put forward is for us to grow the economy as much as possible. That seems to be the Trump plan. It will be interesting to watch what happens!

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