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Jul 30, 2018

Learn where to invest and find high rates.

It’s listener question Friday!

Dear Linda,  

I love your podcasts! They are simply fabulous! I am wondering where can I get some financial products with a high rate of compounding? Let’s say 8 to 10%. I need your great help for that, Linda. Thank you very much.

Best regards, Marie

I wish 8 to 10% was so easy!

Be careful when reaching for yield.

A friend of mine was pitched 5.5% junk bonds that weren’t diversified and were 30 year bonds! He was actually considering them because a “friend” recommended them.

High yields equal high risk.

Bank yields are paying maybe 1% to 2%. Ten year bonds are 1.5%. How can you get 5.5? Lower the quality - but you don’t want to do that.

Consider alternative investments - but they can be complex.

Dividends on stocks - but it entails risk to principal.

There’s no easy answer for a “guaranteed” rate.

But here’s the question: should you be investing for growth instead of income anyway?

Growth does involve risk, but over the long-term risk is minimized and returns are maximized.

Get started investing to grow your wealth.

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