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Be Wealthy & Smart

Sep 23, 2016

Learn how to determine whether investing in a home improvement is a good idea or not.

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I have a rental house that is also our beach house. I rent it out on VRBO for extra income. I’ve been wanted to make some cosmetic changes and wanted to ask your advice. I like painted baseboards better than wood baseboards - should I change them? I also am thinking of replacing the carpet in the bedrooms to tile and the kitchen countertops from tile to granite or quartz. Is it worth it to make
the investment? I love your podcast and listen religiously. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you for the questions, Bonnie!

When thinking about making home improvements to a rental or your primary residence, consider this:

1. Will it improve the value of the home?
2. How long will it take to make my money back (if a rental)?
3. Is it a matter of personal taste or does it appeal to most buyers?
4. Is this the best improvement I can make for the money?
5. Knowing that kitchens, bathrooms and closets sell homes, does it fit within an improvement of one of these important categories?


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