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Jul 20, 2016

Learn what asset is near the top of its cycle and which asset is near the bottom of its cycle.

What asset is in a bubble?

Bonds - IOU’s that pay the investor interest.

Interest rates move in 30 year cycles. Near the low in interest rates. It’s a process.

In Europe, some countries have negative interest rates (NIRP - Negative Interest Rate Policy). Investors pay to own sovereign bonds. Fear of losing money or default and want a guarantee.

What asset is near the bottom?


You can see cycles in the chart. Go to my website to see it:

Chart shows cycles and the MACD.

Shows the moving averages or calculations that show the trends and help you see the direction of movement and when it is turning into the opposite direction.

Also can see it is peaking here, short term.

Waves of energy flow through everything, even investments. You can see the cycles of the energy waves in this financial chart of the price of silver, which is our #1 holding and the #1 performing investment year-to-date, up 42%! Turning into the down part of the cycle now before it moves higher.

We have a clear indication silver is about to move lower. It's normal to have regular corrections in the price before it moves higher. Don't be scared when silver moves lower, it's expected right now. There's a lot more on the upside for silver long-term, so I'm not getting caught up with short-term trading because the greater risk is that you could be out of it and miss it when it finally blasts upward. So hang in there. Don't be a buyer here, that time will come again in the next month.

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