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Be Wealthy & Smart

Oct 22, 2018

Learn why winning the lottery jackpot isn't necessary for you to have financial freedom or be happy.

There is a happiness satiation point, usually around a $105,000 annual income, according to research (see podcast #414).

More money doesn't make you happier, but spending does give you a temporary high. The endorphins only last a few days, requiring you to continue spending to keep the endorphins flowing.

This can end badly and has for many lottery winners.

Instead, take control of your wealth building and follow the 6 Steps to Wealth, especially saving a nestegg, investing in a money engine and compounding at a high rate.

I give an example from the Wealth Heiress book of 2 people earning the same amount of money, but because they make different choices, one ends up broke, the other, a millionaire. 

This could be my edgiest podcast yet! Don't miss it!

Wealth requires knowledge + action.

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