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Be Wealthy & Smart

Sep 20, 2021

Learn tips about trading crypto and handling volatility.

What happens when you try to sell and buy back lower? Here are two real world examples.

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Are you investing well for financial freedom...or not?

Financial freedom is a combination of money, compounding and time (my McT Formula). How well you invest, makes a huge difference to your financial future and lifestyle.

If you only knew where to invest for the long-term, what a difference it would make, because the difference between investing $100k and earning 2% or 10% on your money over 30 years, is the difference between it growing to $181,136 or $1,744,940, an increase of over $1.5 million dollars.

Your compounding rate, and how well you invest, matters! 


-Asset allocation model with ticker symbols and % to invest

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-US and foreign investors, no minimum $ amount required

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