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Be Wealthy & Smart

Apr 27, 2014

The 6 Steps to Wealth, Step 2: Save a Nest Egg. How to find money to start a nest egg, whether to invest or pay off debt, appreciating assets vs. depreciating assets and how millionaires use leverage to build wealth. How to pay off your mortgage 6 years sooner, why 15 year mortgages can be disadvantageous.

Be Wealthy & Smart,™ is a personal finance show with self-made millionaire Linda P. Jones, America’s Wealth Mentor.™ Learn how to build wealth, make money, and have financial freedom. Introduction to principles of wealth building you won’t hear about from your financial advisor. Over the next several shows yu will learn How to Get Rich, the 6 Steps to Wealth, the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building™: Invest Like Billionaires™ and Create Your Luxury Brand™ Business.

For Step 1 of the 6 Steps to Wealth, review the previous episode. You can also go to for a free series of 21 days to a wealthy mindset. Just enter your name and email address and get a video, audio, or report from Linda daily for 21 days. Change your mindset from lack to wealth because the foundation of wealth is a wealthy mindset!

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