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Be Wealthy & Smart

Apr 27, 2022

Bonus episode: Discover how to become an Accredited Investor and buy stock.

People have asked me how to get accredited, how to buy Ripple stock and more, so I made a 5-minute podcast for you answering all your questions. 


For Accredited Investors, sign up to receive a $250 credit from Linqto, click here.


You can invest in companies like Ripple Labs, Dapper Labs and Uphold before they go public and sell their stock on stock exchanges.

You’re buying in early, and hopefully at a lower price than their IPO price, when they debut on the stock market.

It is possible to invest in private companies, but to do so you are required by law to qualify as an Accredited Investor (AI) before being able to invest, because there are liquidity restrictions, so it is considered higher risk than publicly traded securities. (After the company goes public, you can sell your shares).

To become an AI, you need to have $1 million of assets, beyond your primary residence, OR $200k of income for 2 years as an individual, OR $300k as a couple, OR you can also qualify by having your banker, broker, lawyer or accountant write a letter verifying your net worth, OR if you are a registered Series 7, 65, 82 financial representative. If you meet any ONE of those ways, you qualify as an AI and can invest!

The minimum investment size is $10,000 and international investors are welcome.

Assets that qualify you as an AI can be real estate (other than your home), a business, retirement plans, cryptocurrency, a rare collection, other valuable assets or a combination of items.

In addition, for the month of May 2022, you can get a $250 investment credit toward your first  investment AND if you invest in Ripple Labs you will receive a bonus of $1,000 in XRP toward your first investment AND $500 in XRP toward a non-Ripple investment, but only if you invest before the end of May.

For Accredited Investors, sign up to receive a $250 credit from Linqto, click here.

It is an exciting way to invest and be an early bird in tomorrow’s mega-growth companies!

(If you are on YouTube, you will need to go to my website LindaPJones dot com or get a clickable link by cutting and pasting this link into your URL:

This is an affiliate link and I am compensated if you make an investment, but there is no additional cost to you.