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Be Wealthy & Smart

Dec 28, 2018

Learn how other people’s money (OPM) and the smart use of debt can build your wealth.

Not all debt is inherently bad!

Why is mortgage debt triggering people?

Mortgage rates are only 5% for 30 years and are partially tax-deductible.

Credit cards with high interest rates are the real culprit!

Don’t use debt for depreciating assets.

Mortgages can be great forced savings plans because the debt will become equity.

In this podcast I help you think through why you may want to set up a retirement plan before paying off your mortgage.


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Be Wealthy & Smart,™ is a personal finance show with self-made millionaire Linda P. Jones, America’s Wealth Mentor.™ Learn how to build wealth, make money, and have financial freedom. Introduction to principles of wealth building you won’t hear about from your financial advisor. Learn how to get rich, the 6 Steps to Wealth, the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building™: Invest Like Billionaires™ and Create Your Luxury Brand™ Business.