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Be Wealthy & Smart

Nov 30, 2018

Learn what to do while you're following the 6 Steps to Wealth.

This is a listener question:

Danise asks how to be patient during the wealth building process, while working on a wealthy mindset and doing the steps, but staying positive and patient through the process.

I give 6 specific areas to make sure and pay attention to, that you can follow while you are working on the 6 Steps to Wealth. 

Each area has several sub-areas:

1. Live life with joy

a. Connect with your passions, do what you love.

b. Don't make money more important than living.

c. Be a smart spender.


2. Match your spending with your priorities

a. Home, family and retirement are three important priorities that you should be putting first.


3. Avoid the BIG financial mistakes

a. Don't move homes

b. Don't buy new cars or finance cars


4. Automate your savings

a. Save 20% if you can.

b. Use 401k, IRA's, Roths, HCA's

c. Dollar cost average into investments


5. Identify wealth building opportunities

a. Bubbles and cycles

b. High compounding trends

c. Beware the housing market


6. Get obsessed with compounding!

a. The billionaire was obsessed

b. You won't believe these compounding rates or where they came from.


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