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Be Wealthy & Smart

Sep 26, 2018

Learn how to reduce debt when you can barely make ends meet, answer to a listener question.

Sally asks:

Hi Linda,

I just wondered about your thoughts in my situation. I am in a lot of debt and so is my husband. We made a commitment to paying  it all off in 5 years and are currently in year 3. We have twins about to turn 13. My issue is whilst we are paying the  debt we are struggling to make ends meet and I feel like my wage is only lasting roughly a week every month... so whilst making all the debt payments - typically 50 pounds each debt a month... I’m struggling to enjoy things like treats/holidays and even basics - shoes etc. By the way I do everything I can on a budget and think about how to cutback everyday but it’s putting me in a lack frame of mind. I feel like I’m always behind. Is there a better way to do what I’m doing? Should I pay less to my debtors for longer In order to live/ manage now?

I review 4 choices she has to move forward and reduce debt.

Wealth requires knowledge + action.

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