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Be Wealthy & Smart

Oct 27, 2017

Learn what habits are supposed to make you a millionaire and which ones really will.

Recently I came across an article on habits to become a millionaire. The only problem was, it was so ridiculous it made me laugh!

Here are some of the points they said could make you a millionaire:

If you make your bed, you're 206% more likely to become a millionaire.

Seriously. Make your bed?


What else did it say?

Well, it didn't recommend any specific financial things to do, but a list of seemingly random things like:

*Smile at your neighbors
*Wake up early
*Read books (but not necessarily financial ones)
*Make a to-do list
*Work hard
*Don't gossip
*Talk less
*Listen more

Seriously! This was the list!

This is supposed to be great information to help you become a millionaire? 

I don't think so.

Financial information should help you get ahead, be specific and actionable. 

Financial literacy is lacking, this is a good example why.

Becoming a millionaire isn’t random acts, it’s specific steps.

That’s why I coined the “6 Steps to Wealth”. It’s the step-by-step description.

1. Create a Wealthy Mindset
2. Save a Nestegg
3. Find a Mentor/Knowledge
4. Invest in a Money Engine
5. Compound at a High Rate
6. Protect Your Wealth

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