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Be Wealthy & Smart

Aug 30, 2017

Learn steps to take right now to become a millionaire.

It may surprise you!


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Here are the steps to take immediately to become a millionaire:

1. Make a decision to become wealthy & write it down in Wealth Journal

2. Work on your wealthy mindset - get positive, listen to tapes, say affirmations, change negative beliefs (win my Wealthy Mindset Blueprint)

3. Pay off debt and start saving $$$

4. Read for more knowledge - Think & Grow Rich, How to Make Money in Stocks, Rich Dad Poor Dad, links on my website Resources page.

5. Take advantage of free $$$ in 401(k)

6. Start learning how to invest…whether stocks, real estate, etc.
*Audio books

7. Develop a team - realtor, CPA or tax advisor, financial advisor


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