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Be Wealthy & Smart

Apr 21, 2017

Learn smart hacks to save money while traveling and shopping abroad.

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It’s listener question day!

Dear Linda,

My husband and I are traveling to Spain soon. He gave me a budget and I’m trying to be smart with money while we’re traveling. We’re already using points for a free hotel, what else do you recommend?

Tina (name changed intentionally)

Here’s what I recommend:

1. Always make sure your passport expiration date is way in the future!

2. Make sure your credit cards have a chip or they won’t be accepted.

3. Buy a travel book like Fodor’s or Lonely Planet or Rick Steve’s a to find good restaurants and know how expensive they are before you eat there.
Beware of low budget books, you are not traveling by back pack and hostel! Remember to allocate larger restaurant and hotel budgets to big cities.

4. Use a debit card at ATM’s to get cash. They are cheaper than the bank, foreign exchange windows and the hotel. Immediately exchange $20 to $50 when you land so you have some petty cash for tips.

5. Bring some US dollars in $1, $5 and$10 for street purchases.

6. Use credit cards for purchases. You’ll get the best exchange rate and you’ll be protected in case of fraud. Only make small purchases at flea markets, on the street, etc. (Jewelry vs. scarf).

7. If you have foreign coins and the bank won’t buy it back from you, you can donate it to Unicef, change for good on an American Airlines flight or you can send it to Change for Good in NY.

8. Be aware some vendors don’t like Amex and prefer VISA because they have lower fees to the vendor and they will net more on a large purchase.

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