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Apr 21, 2017

Learn where grocery stores are fooling you to pay more when you think you are paying less.

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I’ve noticed something about the grocery store and wonder how many people realize there’s a common rip off happening with items on sale?

Have you ever calculated how much you are paying per item for the item on sale?

For example, grocery stores will often have a small, medium and large size in a product.

They put the medium size on “sale”.

It gets you to spend more than the small size.

It also gets you to pay more per unit than the large size!

Check the per unit cost of the cottage cheese, ketchup or rolls of toilet paper.

Even when the medium size is on sale, the large size is cheaper per unit!

If you can buy the larger size that’s NOT on sale, you’re often getting the best deal.

The scam is you think you are being smart to buy on sale, but the store is ripping you off because you are still paying more than the large size!

Don’t be a zombie “sale” buyer. Check the price per unit!

Buying in bulk usually saves you the most money, that’s why COSTCO often has the best prices.

I also save 10% by buying 6 bottles of wine at a time. If you bring bottles to other people’s homes and you consume some, make the purchases all at once, not one at a time and you’ll almost save the price of a bottle!

Shopping on Tuesdays also gets me 10% off all of my groceries at Gelson’s, so I can get food on sale and save 10% once a week! It adds up!

If you’re not a coupon clipper but want to save, just calculate your cost per unit, buy large sizes or in bulk and you’ll usually save more!

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