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Be Wealthy & Smart

Nov 30, 2016

I love talking about the importance of mindset in wealth building.

We haven’t visited mindset for a long-time, so I thought we would today.

Recently I was reading about Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

He was a successful investment banker who quit his job. Left in the middle of the year and left his big bonus.

Talked to his boss about it, who said great idea, but better for someone else who does this stuff!

Think long-term for life decisions.

He calls it "Regret Minimization Framework".

Project your life forward to age 80. Look back on your life.

Minimize the regrets in your life.

Look back on your life.

He wouldn’t regret trying to participate in the internet.

Wouldn’t regret failure.

The one thing he would regret is not having tried. That would haunt him every day.

Gets you away from the daily pieces of confusion, like leaving his bonus.

Think long-term to make good life decisions you won’t regret later.