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Oct 31, 2016

Learn what to look for with dividend stocks.

I saw an article about 3 stocks that are a “must own” for retirement.


One was a huge telecom, one was a gas company and one was an insurance company.

No where did it talk about earnings growth or dividend growth.

I’ve talked about stocks.

What makes them go up.

It’s all about earnings.

Dividend stocks are no different, except they also have a nice dividend.

You still want to have companies that are high quality, steady growth, increasing dividends, etc.

IBD does a good job of curating dividend leaders. I’ve taken their list and
picked 10 that seem to me to be a good mix and diversified.

1. International Paper 4.11%
2. Altria Group Inc. 3.7%
3. Toronto Dominion Bank 3.67%
4. IBM 3.67%
5. Cisco 3.4%
6. Paychex 3.34%
7. Prudential Financial 3.31%
8.Merck 3.13%
9.Qualcomm 3.1%
10. Proctor & Gamble 3.07%

Again, all the credit goes to IBD, but I wanted to share a list of dividend paying stocks that are quality and fit all the aspects we talk about. You
can find this in your IBD and I’ll post on my website under podcast #201.

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