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Be Wealthy & Smart

Sep 29, 2016

Learn why there are more millionaires today, according to a wealth management study, and how they are getting wealthier.

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I’m going to share with you an article from Barron’s called “Penta Millionaires: The New Rising Class” written by Stacy Perman.

I’m going to read a lot of the information because it’s statistics, but I’ll also comment where I can.

I’m sure you’ll want to know why are people becoming wealthier at an increasing rate and how can you participate?!

Last year the number of households with more than $5 million in investible assets crossed the 1 million mark, up 5% from 2014.

The $1MM to $5MM category increased 42%.

The $5MM to $20MM category increased 38%.

The $20MM to $100MM category increased by 64%.

The $100MM to $1B category increased by 61%.

The $1B+ category increased by 26%.

Wealth is created by money engines that are compounding!

Businesses are a large part of it. So are investments in real estate and stocks.

It’s hardest to make your first million dollars, but keep working on it!

Use the 6 Steps to Wealth. Educate yourself. Hang out with millionaires. Join the VIP Experience!