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Be Wealthy & Smart

Jul 29, 2016

Learn how much home equity Americans have, how many Americans own their home free and clear and if it impacts your wealth.

Recently a friend told me she’d rather rent than buy a home.

Is it still a good idea to own a home? Listen to Be Wealthy &Smart podcast #137: "Should I own a house or rent?"

Ever wonder how much equity most people have?

According to the Urban Institute, it’s a little over $150k.

Not only do you have to come up with a 20% downpayment (not always), but you’re also paying into principal each month. The forced savings is powerful, even if the home doesn’t appreciate.

Americans over age 60 hold 52% of all home equity; under 50 hold 23%; and those under 40 owned 17%. 

Of 73 million homeowners, 46 million have some debt on the home and 27 million have it paid off.

Homeowners tend to have more wealth in areas where real estate has increased more. Makes sense, since it’s most peoples’ largest asset.

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