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Be Wealthy & Smart

Dec 31, 2018

Learn my top 10 money strategies to advance your income and net worth in 2019.

In summary, here are my 10 Financial Moves for 2019:

1. Review your asset allocation

-Rebalance, diversify, adjust as you age, don't use target date funds

2. Contribute more to your 401k and 403b, and IRA's

-Contribution limits increased $500 this year.

3. Reduce high interest rate debt (hopefully you are already debt free), but if not pay off your highest interest rate debt first and then your highest utilized amount of debt (debt to total credit ratio).

-I do not recommend paying off mortgage debt because it is only 3% or 4% debt and the opportunity cost of what you could earn with that money is much higher.

4. Dollar cost average into the stock market.

5. Don't get too overweight in real estate because it is very late in the cycle.

6. Think over large purchases that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, like new cars, other vehicles/boats, electronics, high ticket designer shoes/handbags, and moving homes too often.

7. Update wills and beneficiaries on retirement plans and insurance policies, especially if you've had a major life event like marriage, divorce, new baby, illness, or death.

8. Consider starting a side hustle for extra income.

9. Look into new cycles such as Cannabis stocks, artificial intelligence (AI), Infrastructure, Defense stocks, the younger (FANG stock replacement) tech companies. Should you consider the two big IPO's next year?

10. Keep following the "6 Steps to Wealth" and check out my Wealth Heiress book. Men and women are loving it!


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